Biltwell, solo seat 'Solo 2'. Smooth


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Smooth vinyl upholstery. The black electroplated seat pan is stamped 3mm thick high-tensile steel and features ribs and indents for added rigidity and stiffness. With welded carriage bolts for mounting seat springs and hinges. The foam is medium-density molded polyurethane for longevity and comfort. Ready to ride with a hand stitched vinyl upholstery. Approx dimensions: 11-5/8″ (29.5cm) wide x 14-1/4″ (36.2cm) long. Note: Similar to the Solo 1 (956460) but but comes with a 2″ higher back side to suit bikes with a more angled frame top tube (back bone) due to more stretch in the front down tubes of the frame.


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