DS covers, Delta outdoor motorcycle cover. Size 2XL


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Motorcycle cover for robust outdoor protection. • Optimum protection against rain, dust, frost and UV. • Air vents to avoid condensation. • Lock holes to prevent theft. • Elastic hem for perfect enclosure. • Adjustable strap with snap closure holds cover in place. • Double-stitched seams for long lifetime. • Seams on te inside with anti-water tape. • 100% water- and dustproof. • Material: 300D polyester. • Heat resistant up to 150 °C. • Comes in handy storage bag. Note: Determine the right size of the cover by measuring the length, width and height of your motorcycle. The correct size of the cover has a length that is about 5-10 cm longer than your motorcycle length. For proper ventilation, we recommend to have the cover about 10-20 cm from the ground. In this way air can enter the cover from below and leave the cover through the air vents on top. If the dimensions lie between two sizes, then choose the larger of the two. Because the edge is elasticated, the cover will always fit well.



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