EBC Carbon X / TT series brake pads ( Rear: Honda: 02-05 NX 4 Falcon; 96-04 XR 400 RT/RV/RW/RX/RY/R1/R2/R3/R4; 06-08 XR 400 M Supermotard (ND08/NC38E); 91-92 XR 600 RM/RN; 93-00 XR 600 RP/RR/RS/RT/RV/RW/RX/RY; 93-20 XR 650 L; 00-07 XR 650 RY/R1-R7. Rear: Kawasaki: 03-04 KLX 400 R KLX 400 B1/B2. Rear: Suzuki: 00-08 DR-Z 400 SY/EY/Y/SEK1/EK1/K1/SK2/EK2/K2/K3/SK3/EK3/K4/SK4/EK4/SK5/EK5/K5/EK5/EK6/SK6/K6/SK7/EK7/K7/SK8; 05-09 DR-Z 400 SMK5/SMK6/SMK7/SMK8/SMK9. )


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EBC Brakes Carbon X or TT brake pads are suitable for either street or off road use. They are created from impregnated hybrid carbon to give medium lifetime and a cool disc braking temperature. Although the Carbon X or TT Brakes will not outlast a sintered copper brake pad it has the unique benefit of lower heat generation and transfer.