EBC Double-H Sintered brake pads ( Rear: Indian: 10-11 Bomber (Brembo caliper); 2011 Chief Blackhawk (Brembo caliper); 2011 Chief Blackhawk Dark (Brembo caliper); 11-13 Chief Classic (Brembo caliper); 09-11 Chief Standard (Brembo caliper); 2009 Chief Deluxe (Brembo caliper); 09-11 Chief Roadmaster (Brembo caliper); 09-13 Chief Vintage (Brembo caliper); 10-13 Dark Horse (Brembo caliper) )


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The EBC Double-H Sintered brake pads are the standard in sintered pads. These brake pads are long lasting and offer quick reaction time & biting stopping performance and both dry and wet conditions. ECE R 90 brake safety approved and TUV tested.