EBC grooved brake shoes ( Rear: Honda: 1982 XL 400 R; 1980 XL 500 SZ; 1982 XL 500 RC; 79-80 XR 500 SZ/SA; 1981 XR 500 RB; 83-87 XL 600 RD/LD/RE/LE/RF/RG/RH; 85-87 XL 600 LMF/RMG/LMH; 87-90 XL 600 VH/VJ/VK Transalp )


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EBC grooved series brake shoes are radius ground and edge trimmed to fit precisely in your brake drum and also feature lead in and lead out chamfers at lining ends and original equipment style brake shoe springs. The multiple angled liner grooves are designed to channel away dirt, dust,water and debris from the braking area to improve braking and extend shoe and drum life.