EBC Organic brake pads ( Front: Suzuki: 90-91 DR 650 RL/RM (SP41A); 90-91 DR 650 RSL/RSM (SP42A); 91-93 DR 650 RSEM/RSEN/RSEP (SP43A/B); 94-95 DR 650 RER/RES (SP45A/B); 92-93 DR 650 RUN/RN/RUP/RP (SP44A/B); 1988 DR 750 SJ (SR41A); 1989 DR 750 SK (SR41A); 1990 DR 800 SL (SR43A) )


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The EBC brake pads have great predictable stopping power, and they benefit from low disc abrasion and dust. They are brake rotor friendly, and slower to brake in the wet. These organic brake pads are ECE R 90 brake safety test approved and fully TÜV tested.