JIMS, pinion gear 54-77. Green


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Gear size over .105″ pins: 1.4470-1.4465″. Cam gear over .105″ pins: 2.7685-2.769″. Made from the finest American aerospace quality tool steel. Precision machined to exact tolerances with no compromises. Note: Cam gear fitment is essential to quiet valve train operation. Too loose of a fit will result in a clicking noise, sometimes confused with lifter noise. A too tight fit will produce a whining sound and premature wear. Sizes are as follows: 961300 Orange (biggest). 961301 Red. 961302 Blue (average). 961303 Green (average). Repl. 24010-54. 961304 White Repl. 24010-54. 961305 Brown. 961306 Yellow (smallest).



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