Kukko, bearing separator. 12-75mm


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Used with hand tools to externally pull ball bearings, roller bearings and inner races from a shaft where the bearing is installed tightly to another surface, so there is not enough room to use regular pulling jaws. When tightened, the bearing separator will pinch-in between the bearing and the surface making it possible to pull the bearing from the shaft. The required puller, that actually pulls the separator to remove the bearing, is sold separately and available as 951057. – Build Series: 15 – Diameter of Shaft (in mm): 12-75 – Side Screw Length (in mm): 75 – Weight: 1.105kg – Space Below (in mm): 0 – Space Next To It (in mm): 75 – Spread (in mm): 12-75 – Depth (in mm): 200 Note: 951039 bearing separator will require the use of 951057 puller. Separator and puller are sold separately.