Kukko, gear puller with 2 quick adjusting arms. Narrow


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Narrow adjusting arms. Gear pullers with the ‘quick adjusting arms’ allow sliding the jaws along the cross-beam to the required diameter, between 70 and 140mm, for a straight pull. Optional 150mm ‘jaw extensions’ are available for additional jaw reach when required. Jaws can be reversed which allows both internal as external pulling actions. – Number Of Jaws: 2 – Build series: 20 – Puller arms look like: Drawing 2 – Spread (in mm): 30-90 – Depth (in mm): 100 – Spread Used Internal (in mm): 70-140 – Hex Drive (Male) (in mm): 17 – Maximum Load: 2500kg – Maximum Torque: 35Nm – Weight: 1.27kg – Space Below (in mm): 2.6 – Space Next To It (in mm):14. Technologies used: – Switch: A two-sided spindle tip provides optimal adjustment of the spindle to the shaft – Glide & Fix: Improved geometry guarantees quick and easy movement of the jaws on the cross-beam – Armlock: Cross-legged jaws guarantee maximum stability for suspending the jaws in the slider – Quick Adjust: Knurls allow the jaws to be quickly released and moved on the cross-beam without the need for tools. Note: Optional/replacement quick adjusting pullers arms are separately available as ‘regular’, ‘narrow’ and ‘extremely narrow’ for direct replacement or to to fine-tune the puller to the specific task ahead. Note: Optional jaw extensions are available to extend the reach of the quick adjusting jaws. The extensions are interconnectible. Each jaw extension added is an additional 150mm reach.