Kuryakyn Transformer passenger floorboards, gloss black ( Honda: 01-17 GL1800 Gold Wing & 13-16 F6B )


Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες

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Kuryakyn Transformer Floorboards blend style, function and comfort. These floorboards are a direct replacement for the stock passenger floorboards and bolt on in minutes. Even when not in use, these finely gloss black boards are a great improvement over the dull aluminum stock units. When folded down, they offer a secure, comfortable perch for passengers. The most important and unique feature of this system is the hidden retractable passenger cruise pegs. A folding footrest deploys to provide an alternate foot position 4-1/2″ higher and 5-1/2″ farther forward than the stock foot position.