MCS, throttle cable 40" (102cm). Chrome


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Elbow 90°. Chrome coated. Throttle cable (pull cable) has the stock non-threaded circlip design. – Length mentioned is outer cable length – Inner cable sticks out 4-15/16″. This Motorcycle Storehouse control cable comes in a ‘chrome’ finish, with a brained stainless steel outer cable, with a clear protective coating, and chrome plated fittings. Oversize or undersize lengths (longer/shorter than standard) is not given since many different standard lengths exist. Instead it is available in a range of custom lengths to best suit your stock or custom application. Note: Dimensions as given are the outer cable length, without fittings or elbows. Just measure the required length. Make sure to turn the handlebar to a full left & right stop, before you determine the correct length for your application.



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