Oil is the life-blood of an engine, especially in high revving motorcycle engines. Paying for premium filters is well worth the cost when you consider the components that make up an oil filter and what would be the result of filter failure. Its not the place to save a few dollars! MIW oil filters are produced with a vision to provide the highest standards required by modern motorcycles. The method of filtration is resin impregnated micropore paper. Using a high grade cotton linter fibre, to give unparalleled durability during filtration. The cotton linter element composes of fibre strands, with differing thicknesses. With thicker strands on the outer wall of the filter, to catch larger metallic particles and thinner strands making up the inner wall, catching even the smallest particles. The multi strand microscopic fibers provide superb porosity for oil flow, even after contamination. Premium oil filters provide many benefits, including: – A 20% thicker base provides higher thread strength, easier thread engagement, positive inner-element support, and consistent gasket compression. – Rigid element supports resist vibration, and high and low temperatures. They will not deform under constant spring-load pressure. – Heavy duty center tubes and cans which can withstand exposure to a wide range in flow and pressure. – High tech media and other technological improvements that give MIW premium filters the edge over AM and OE filters.



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