S&S, SuperStock ignition module. 96" S&S Evo


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Single fire. For electric start. Module only with instructions. Modules are pre-programmed with ignition curves for use with specific S&S engines. Only set basic timing, no further adjustments necessary. Set-up for electric start, where the engine will turn 3 revolution before ignition sparks. This is done to prevent kick-back that may cause damage to electric start components. Note: All modules can be set to kick or electric start by a certified S&S dealer equipped with Super Stock diagnostic cable & software. Then it is also possible to view: Time at wide open throttle (WOT); length of time engine was operated at various temperatures; number of engine starts; total running time; time spent in various RPM ranges; max. RPM and amount of time spent at rev. limit. It also enables the dealer to turn-on the 24 hour ‘break-in’ rev. limiter function. If set it will protect a new engine by limiting engine revolution. Only after 24 hours runtime the engine will be able to reach the maximum of 6300 RPM. Only modules on new S&S engines sold with the Super Stock ignition system will have the ‘break-in’ rev. limiter turned-on.



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