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Taylor, 8.2mm ThunderVolt univ. spark plug wire kit. Blue




With 180° (straight) black plug boots. 24″ wire length. Cut to length required. According to Taylor these are the best wires money can buy. They come with a 40 ohm/ft. ferrite spiral wound core, which is a low resistance blend of copper nickel alloy and is bonded by a conductive acrylic cover. Offers excellent RFI and EMI suppression and is compatible with use on most electronic ignition systems and components. The 10.4mm wires feature three layers of pure Zimplex silicone for 600° F heat protection. 102.000V dielectric strength with a tightly woven heat treated fiberglass braid. Wires come with gold lettering. Note: Available in 8.2mm and 10.4mm. The difference of the 10.4mm is the thickness of the insulation, the 10.4mm version is primarily designed for racing applications. Note: Some electronic ignition manufacturers do not recommend using spiral wound core cables. Check the instruction manual of your electronic ignition module for more information. When in doubt it is advised to use suppression core cables for electronic ignition set-ups. Note: If required, 90° (941256) and 180° (941257) coil boots & terminal connectors are separately available for 99-17 (Twin Cam) style coils.