Taylor, Classic Thunder braided cloth spark plug wire set




Red with black tracer. Includes one 21.5″ wire with 180° (straight) plug and coil boot. The other wire is 9″ with 180° (straight) plug boot and a 90° coil boot. Features Spiro-Pro, a spiral wound inner core with 350 Ohm/ft. resistance for excellent EMI and RFI suppression. Covered with a 7mm double silicone layer with a special synthetic jacket. For the old-time look the outer layer is braided cotton cloth with contrast tracer-color to offer classic looks with modern technique for excellent allround performance. Comes with black silicone coil and plug boots. The plug boots are equipped with double-spring locking terminals for a positive vibration-proof connection. Note: Compatible with all Harley ignitions. If you have an aftermarket ignition, please check with manufacturer ohm requirement. For very high ohm ratings you can use Taylor’s Carbon Core wire sets. For magnetos and point ignitions Taylor’s metallic core wire sets are recommended.



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