Taylor, univ. 7mm Spiro-Pro cloth spark plug wire set. 180°




Black with blue tracer. Includes two 24″ braided cotton cloth covered wires. With black 180° (straight) silicone plug and coil boots with double spring locking terminals. Cut to length required. Offers classic looks with modern performance and compatible with all points or electronic ignition systems. Built with a helically spiral wound Spiro-Pro core, made of Aramid, with 350 Ohm per foot resistance. The jacket is 7mm silicone, on top of which is found a special synthetic jacket. For the traditional look the last layer is the braided cotton cloth with a contrast tracer-color. Note: Some electronic ignition manufacturers do not recommend using spiral wound core cables. Check the instruction manual of your electronic ignition module for more information. When in doubt it is advised to use suppression core cables for electronic ignition set-ups. Note: If required, 90° (941256) and 180° (941257) coil boots & terminal connectors are separately available for 99-17 (Twin Cam) style coils.



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