Wera Zyklop speed ratchet kit 1/2" drive - US sizes


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Τεμάχια: 28

Παράδοση σε 4 - 10 εργάσιμες ημέρες

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8100 SC 9. 28 piece 1/2″ drive in US sizes. Kit includes a Zyklop speed ratchet, a long Zyklop extension, a Zyklop wobble extension, a 1/2″ drive Zyklop bit adapter socket with quick release chuck for 5/16″ drive bits, 10 sockets from 3/8″ to 13/16″ with a brushed chrome finish, color coding, ball intercept ring and knurled at the base for manual turning. Not for impact use. Also includes 14 bits with 5/16″ drive in Torx®, Hex head (Allen heads), Phillips and Pozidriv screws for DIN ISO 1173-D 8 bit holders. All is packed in a compact and extreme robust folding textile box to keep it well organized and portable. Series 8000 C – Zyklop speed ratchet. 1/2″ drive x 277mm long. Innovative function-packed ratchet with multi-component Kraftform handle. The green free-turning ribbed sleeve is for switching between left & right ratcheting. The swiveling ratchet head can be locked at 0° and 90° and 15° before 90° inwards. Locked at 0° it allows use as a conventional screwdriver. With pushbutton socket release and a fine ratchet tooth design allowing a small 5° return angle. Series 8790 HMC – Zyklop sockets. 1/2″ drive for hex bolts and nuts. 37mm long. Incl. 3/8″; 7/16″; 1/2″; 9/16″; 19/32″; 5/8″; 11/16″; 3/4″; 25/32″; 13/16″. Series 8794 LC Zyklop extension. 1/2″ drive x 250mm long. With ball lock sockets and free turning sleeve. Series 8794 C – Zyklop wobble extension. 1/2″ drive x 52mm long. Allows 15° connection angle in all directions. Series 8784 C2 – Zyklop bit adapter socket. 1/2″ drive. With quick-release chuck for fast bit changes. 50mm long. Takes 5/16″ hex bits as per DIN ISO 1173-C 8 and Wera series 2. Series 851/2 Z PH – Phillips bits. 5/16″ drive. 32mm long. Universal. Incl. PH2; PH3. Series 855/2 Z PZ – Pozidriv bits. 5/16″ drive. 32mm long. Universal. Incl. PZ2; PZ3. Series 867/2 Z – Torx® bits. 5/16″ drive. 35mm long. Universal. Incl. TX20; TX25; TX27; TX30; TX40; TX45; TX50. Series 840/2 Z – Hex (Allen head) bits. 5/16″ drive. Hex-Plus bits, with larger tool to bolt contact to prevent bolt damage. Fits all hex (Allen head) bolts. 30mm long. Universal. Incl. 7/32″; 1/4″; 5/16″; 3/8″.




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