Camshaft roller bearing. Outer, rear ( 99-06 Twin Cam (excl. 2006 Dyna) (NU) )


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OEM style 3-piece roller bearing that replaced the OEM 8990 ball bearing, used as the rear outer cam bearing from 2001-up. Note: The MoCo redesigned the Twin Cam rear outer cam bearing from ball (OEM 8990/A) to a roller bearing style (OEM 8983/MCS 921138) in 2001. This was done to help prevent failing ball bearings on, specifically, rear (=drive side) cams that are heavier loaded. This 01-up roller style bearing is a 3-piece design that is more heavy duty than a roller bearing. No other parts changed during the bearing changes. The early 99-00 style ball bearings will still fit all 99-06 models front & rear. Using front & rear ball bearings present no issues on cam driven gears.