EBC plain brake shoes ( Rear: Honda: 92-93 NV 400 CJ/CK Steed; 95-97 NV 400 CS/CV Steed; 94-96 CB 500 R/T (Twin); 79-81 CX 500 CA/CB/Z/A/B; 1982 CX 500 CC; 1982 GL 500 DC; 1993 VT 600 CN Shadow Custom; 94-00 VT 600 CR/CS/CT/CV/CW/CX Shadow Custom; 1984 GL 650 D2-E; 1982 VF 750 SC (V45 Sabre) )


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EBC plain brake shoes are made using high-pressure die cast aluminium platforms with bonded brake linings. They are radius ground, edge trimmed and also feature lead in & lead out chamfers at lining ends and original equipment style brake shoe springs.