Paughco, 2-1/4" 9TwentyFives. Long. Short


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Chrome plated. Paughco’s 9Twentyfive pipes are un-muffled open pipes with a massive 2 1/4″ diameter and a roar that’ll give a Tyrannosaur a run for its money. Alternatively you can muffle them to more acceptable levels by using the optional available baffles with an either chrome or black CNC machined aluminum tip. Note: For optional baffles see 910310 (chrome tip) or 910311 (black tip). Note: Optional heat shields are available as 910307 (chrome) or 910314 (black). Note: Pipes are equipped with O2 sensor bungs and come with an O2 sensor adapter plug set for earlier models that are not equipped with O2 sensors.




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